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Need help with possible mod

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created 02/20/2013 4:46 pm by loler54

I wonder, can you use information on both servers and worlds that can be stored on a server or something like that? like, people can log in to the mod?

ohh crap ill just tell it I know a bit of coding, tried a bit on mods but jumped out to start on games/programmes. And I was just playing on my favorite survival server (where I own a world that I protected) and I thought; What about a mod like Rei's minimap, but that can save the waypoints and such with a login? like you log in with a account and make the waypoints and such, then it kinda autosaves and such would be a great admin tool would been helpful to show hidden places for more people then just me and I DO own my own server so.. is this possible? is this something that already made? does anyone wanna make it? ;o Please tell meh :3
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