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Random mod ideas? (Dimensions, weapons, mobs)

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created 07/22/2013 10:10 am by Geminicreeper
last reply 07/29/2013 4:18 pm
I'm making a massive mod and need a few ideas. If I pick your idea, your name will be on the mod's planet minecraft with a link to your profile. These must be creative and ORIGINAL ideas to be selected. If you just have textures with a brief description, I will accept those too. Thanks everyone!
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16 replies

07/29/2013 4:18 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
07/24/2013 5:55 pm
Level 48 : Master Toast
Squirrel dimension and squirrels
07/24/2013 5:10 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
Thank you guys! These are all great ideas!
07/24/2013 4:08 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Prince
the frostbite mod?
07/24/2013 4:05 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Princess
What about a special (rare) biome with blue grass that has large hills and diamonds are easier to find there and everything is blue
07/24/2013 3:34 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Zombie
1. Citrine ore (Citrine is a very rare ore. Citrine is used to make Blocks of Citrine and Citrine gear. Blocks of Citrine are used to make a portal to the 1st new dimension. Citrine gear is the best gear in the overworld.)
2. Nethonite ore (Nethonite is an ore that spawns in the Nether. Nethonite is very rare and is used for Nethonite Golems, Nethonite gear, and the Nethonite and Emerald. Nethonite gear is better than Citrine. Nethonite Golems are better than Iron Golems. The Nethonite and Emerald is used to ignite your portal to the 1st new dimension.)
3. Creepy Canyons (Creepy Canyons is the new dimension. To get here, you must make a portal out of Blocks of Citrine in the End. Now, set up one level 4 beacon in a 20 block radius. Lastly, ignite the portal using your Nethonite and Emerald. You're probably going to want go to Creepy Canyons in Nethonite gear or better. Creepy Canyons is a dimension that is always night and is filled with Creepers. There are also Corrupted Creepers you can find. Corrupted Creepers are purple creepers that can explode without killing themselves. Upon death, the Corrupted Creeper drops a few Corrupted Shards.)
4. Creepy Dragon (The Creepy Dragon is the creeper-version of the Ender Dragon. This dragon has to be summoned, however. Upon death, the Creepy Dragon drops a Creepy Soul.)
5. Darkness Mountains (To get to this dimension, you first have to make Corrupted Citrine. To make Corrupted Citrine, you surround a Citrine with Corrupted Shards. You can either use the Corrupted Citrine for very strong gear or make Blocks of Corrupted Citrine. You make the portal to the Darkness Mountains out of Blocks of Corrupted Citrine and light it with a Creepy Soul.)

I'll let you think up the rest.
07/24/2013 2:20 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
I like the boat idea but how about adding mobs that you can name and customize like people who you can interact with like sidekicks!
07/22/2013 12:22 pm
Level 24 : Expert Architect
An entire reworking of the enchantment system. AKA: Getting Mo' Enchants, Enchanting Plus, and Twinklez's SuperEnchants to work all together in one mod
07/22/2013 12:13 pm
Level 1 : New Miner

07/22/2013 12:10 pm
Level 25 : Expert Dragon
Well, underwater plants?
07/22/2013 10:39 am
Level 22 : Expert Pony
Here, four ideas:

Biome Specific Caves
Underground Dimension (Where structures/ores are more common)
Mobs: Ghost, Skeleton Warrior (Melee Skeletons), Fish.
More Breeds of Dog
07/22/2013 10:29 am
Level 24 : Expert Nerd
Custom boats made using blocks (something like the zeppeling mod).
I know, it's not original, but i like the idea .

Some ocean mobs, but not only sharks or whales. I think the Kraken would be a nice idea!

New dungeons and abandoned things that you find also in the surface.

NPC quests.

Need more ideas?
07/22/2013 10:35 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
As many as you give, I'll take. XD
07/22/2013 10:50 am
Level 24 : Expert Nerd


Dragon baby from the dragon egg.

Crafting recipes for: name tags, saddles and horse armor.

New mysterious mobs in the nether.

Skeletons ride skeleton horses, zombies the undead ones.

Awesome landscapes with big trees and incredible mountains.

New plants to grow.

New kinds of food (pies, chocolate, cooked eggs, etc).

New kinds of flowers with special propiety.

Maybe I'll add new ideas later XD
07/22/2013 10:24 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Mountaineer
I don't know much about mods (like, I don't know which kind exists) but looking at your name and avatar, I thought you could add a set of armor, tools and a mob for every zodiac sign. And make the mobs something really rare, like the mushroom biome. Like make a temple (or something) that spawns naturally with the animal in it,
and either make it a boss and it drops like a special piece of armor from the same 'animal' in the zodiac calendar, or a sword, or some kind of gem required to make the armor/tool/sword. Or you have to explore the temple and actually find the armor/tools/sword. Just a thought. I know this would be a lot of work, creating twelve different things, but if you're up for it, you could do it.
07/22/2013 10:20 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Architect
A meerkat

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