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[WIP] Realms of Inferious [Recruiting]

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created 12/26/2013 5:23 pm by Leikaru
Realms of Inferious

Realms of Inferious is a mod which started development in August 2013. This mod, now being coded (coding started early November), has been developed by me and UndeadGaming606. There are also some other members, which are assisting development in this mod.


Realms of Inferious is a medium sized mod, adding one dimension in it's first release. Eventually, there will be 4, with possibly more to come eventually. These dimensions are called Expulsia, Helzora, Xephra and Kailea. The first one to be added is your choice, as you can see by the poll above. Here is some information about each dimension:

Expulsia - This is basically a Frozen area, basically a frozen overworld. It still has a lot of the normal overworld creatures, however, there are more dangerous creatures in it.

Helzora - This is the Nether's twin brother. Helzora is a demonic place, primarily containing Blazes, and a new mob called the Gruel.

Xephra - This land is the intoxicated island that no-one would want to set foot on. This land is full of deadly creatures, just waiting to wither and poison you.

Kailea - Kailea is a much more peaceful land, however, it still has traces of evil. It it much more mountainous than the other reason, and is in fact almost entirely desert.

For more information, you can check the link below for the blog.

Realms of Inferious Blog


Screenshots are coming soon (modding takes time).


There are currently no downloads, however, there will be an Indev release before it recieves a mod page.


Realms of Inferious is recruiting! Here are the positions needed

- Texturer
- Skinner

If you are interested, please PM me, with samples.

Thanks for reading about Realms of Inferious, don't forget to answer the poll!
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