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Rpg Mod Coder Request

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created 05/27/2018 1:37 am by Glitchmob
Hello there, I'm looking for coders to help code the ultimate rpg mod, a massive game Overhaul with classes new weapons, dungeons, bosses, armor, and much more!
If you're interested in helping or just checking it out, then click this link to the discord:

Here is a cut of ideas for the mod if you want a little more info...
Brewers use potions to help their teammates fight using many effects that mainly do lasting damage.
Healers do little damage so they stay away from the monsters and focus on their friend's health.
Mages use magic weapons to attack from a distance but have to watch their mana as they only have so much.
Warriors use Melee weapons to get up and personal with the bosses to do lots of damage in a fair amount of time.
Rangers have little health and low damage but lots of range, they stay back and attack from a distance.
Throwers use Spears and knives to deal a moderate amount of damage at a decent range. While not having the range of a ranger, their throws can pack a punch.

Poll ended 06/10/2018 1:37 am.

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