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[Bukkit 1.7.2] Safe Reloading! - Need Beta Testers

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created 12/23/2013 12:54 pm by VulcanTropolis
I'm from the VulcanNetwork Plugin Development Team
And we're planning of releasing a safe reloading plugin for Bukkit Or Spigot,
We have the basic code laying down and we would like beta testers to try it out and see if it's better than the Built in /reload command,

Our Aim of this is:
When You Reload not to mess up ram (which can happen in normal reloading)
Safely reload worlds back.
Allow more than a typical 5 Reloads

How many reloads estimate servers may be able to preform with Safe Reload:
(I always have a 2 hour restart so i cannot give a estimate)
Bug's Found:
(None atm)

If your participating in this please make sure that:
We don't take any blame for it not working
We recommend not using a world you built in (if you have built in it, have backups!)
Don't run 1,000+ Plugins
Server Software breaking
Don't do it on a server where loads of people play on,

All Beta Testers must agree to the terms, please leave in the post below, if your willing to test this for me and tell us about any features you think should be added, or any bugs you may of found!
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