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created 08/19/2018 1:43 am by owenowe
last reply 08/19/2018 9:30 am
Post a request for a mod that you would like to see in Minecraft. I am going to be choosing a few of the mod ideas that I like and making them into real mods as best as I can.

Try not to go crazy on the mod. If I like the idea and I am able to make it into a mod that I am happy with then I will probably make it bigger.
Dimensions and Biomes are allowed. These two are very easy to make so you can have multiple and that will be okay.
Mobs are hard to make so try to not choose a lot of mobs. If you want you're own mobs then you will have to give me a model that is already animated or I can re-skin a mob already in the game.
Other than that feel free to add as many blocks and items as you want,


Your In-Game Name (IGN):

What you want in the mod:






  Anything else:

Contact me on discord at: oweno#9471
Contact me by email at: [email protected]

have alot of free time so feel free to contact me whenever.
My time zone is EMT-4 Or easter daylight time
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08/19/2018 2:00 am
Level 20 : Expert Artist
How about... a mod that has a working camera? So you could take pictures by looking into the camera, but it'd be a smaller, more limited view than your own view. You could make videos for 10 - 15 seconds as the limit.

The picture(s) and video(s) could go into your inventory when you take them out of the camera by right clicking (which opens the menu which you can also choose to record and photograph with.)

Then maybe you could make photo albums or combine different videos to make montages or just a video with cuts, where the limit is 45 seconds to a minute (again, depending on what you want to do.)

Is that too crazy? That's too crazy, isn't it... I can't get mods but I'm sure it'd be cool to see. I dunno, do you like it?
08/19/2018 9:30 am
Level 1 : New Miner
I kinda like that idea but I don’t know if that would be possible. I would need to add another viewport for the character which I don’t th No is possible without editing the base code of the game itself. Any other ideas?
08/19/2018 1:47 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Out can also post your submissions down here. I will start working ASAP on it because I’m bored af most of the day.

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