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The Planet Minecraft Open Source Project!

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created 02/26/2013 6:46 pm by zombiekillah
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Our current logo will need a complete update as this was quickly generated online. If anybody wishes to have a go, please do!

Hello there Planet Minecraft!
Recently, upon seeing the "Open Source Texture Pack" thread that's been flying around, I decided that it'd be great for developers to have quick and easy access to open source Minecraft content via a simple, easy to use interface. (The interface being cross platform allowing all Minecraft users to come together.)

This program has mostly been created (Basics are completed) and I'm hoping to release a 0.1 Alpha version later on this week.

You may be wondering about the legal side and/or how this program will work/function.

I'll begin my FAQ below and if you have any questions, just ask and I'll answer your questions then add it to the FAQ.

Drop down the spoilers to see the answers.

Licensing? Surely this could raise legal concerns?
All members will agree that anything they upload will be licensed under the GPL General Public Release license, can be found here, members will also agree to upload only content that is theirs. The are allowed to use other people's code (Hence the open source!) so long as they keep in the licensing and credits. If non are available on the files that you have downloaded, then it is advised that you add the credits to the file just to be on the safe side.

How is this going to work?
Okay, this is a tough one to answer in one blatant statement like this, however I believe that I will be able to sum it up.
On launch, the client (You) will have to enter your login details for the The PMC Open Source Project, account registration is free and can be done via the program. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE YOUR PLANET MINECRAFT DETAILS AND IF YOU DON'T TRUST THE PROGRAM, ENTER A RANDOM USERNAME ACCOMPANIED BY A RANDOM PASSWORD. I will NOT under any circumstances sell or publish your personal details (all that is needed is a username, password and your email).
Your password is MD5#'d and stored in a secure mySQL database. This ensures that your password is encripted & secure!

After you have entered your login details, the program will download the available mods list accompanied by small text files (2-4kb in size) which contain information about each mod. Inside the program, these text files are parsed and display the Mod Name, Author and description. The client (You) can then choose to download the mod (the public release) or Install it to MCP (the source code). After which you can then recompile and test out the mod.

If you make any changes, I am hoping to add a system in the future that allows you to upload your content to the servers - that will probably not be included in 0.1 Alpha.

Side note: To use the compiling options, you must have MCP installed on your computer. (Download links are available in the program). Due to legal issues, MCP cannot be included within the program and anyway, nobody wants a 50mb program to download do they?! I'm trying to keep this program's file size as small as possible! When you wish to connect The Planet Minecraft Open Source Project to MCP, just hit F1 or go to Mods > Locate MCP.
Texture packs

This process is a bit simple, like the Mods, you must login. Then the program downloads the texture pack list along with information files about each texture pack (2-4kb). You can then Install the texture pack directly into your Minecraft copy or download it and extract it to allow you to modify it for personal use.

As with the Mods, I wish to have a feature that allows your to upload your modded texture pack back to the PMC Open Source Project servers.

Note; you will have to have an inbuilt editor for this.

Yes, there is a "others" category for things that don't quite fit into Texture Packs or Mods. This could be open source Minecraft software or simple tutorials. All files will be virus scanned but I cannot guarantee virus free in this section. This section won't, however, be included in 0.1 Alpha as it is slightly more complicated then the rest.

Note; These programs will have options to report incase anything slips past the system.

Thanks a bunch,
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02/26/2013 8:24 pm
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Wow this sounds awesome
02/26/2013 7:14 pm
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Seems pretty cool
02/26/2013 7:35 pm
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I hope it will be

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