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TimeConomy ,Time based Economy plugin

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created 12/09/2018 5:50 pm by DontActLikeMe
last reply 12/09/2018 6:36 pm

Have you ever watched the movie In time?

Well this plugin brings the time related Economy of In time straight to your server. Each new player starts off with a countdown timer on their scoreboard(Countdown amount configurable in config). They must sell items, and barter with other players to keep the timer above 0. If it hits 0, the player dies and respawns at a point you can configure(default is world spawn).

TimeConomy is a unique economy experience with currency formatted as Years:weeks:days:hours:mins:secs. The player timer in game is in sync with minecraft time, with each real life second being 1 minute and 12 seconds in minecraft. Because of this the player timer counts down in minutes.

TimeConomy has a bank system where players can deposit time from their countdowns, withdraw from their banks, and pay other players.

Because TimeConomy is such a unique economy plugin, it does not require vault, as it's currency format is not decimal. And because of this TimeConomy includes its own Shop sign setup, where players can place signs on chests and set prices in time currency. Admins can also create a server shop where players can buy and sell items. Basic sign format is as follows:

For Players(Example):

timebuy (allows plugin to know this is a chest sign)

10 (quantity)

diamond (bukkit Material type)

0:0:1:0:0 (format in y:w:d:h:m aka price)

For admins:

timeshop (allows plugin to know this is a sign admins placed to sell items to players)

10 (quantity)

diamond (bukkit Material type)

0:0:0:1:0 (format in y:w:d:h:m aka price)

For admins:

timesell (allows plugin to know this is a sign admins placed to allow players to sell items for time)

10 (quantity)

diamond (bukkit Material type)

0:0:0:1:0 (format in y:w:d:h:m aka price)

Admins can also check player timer balances,bank balances,set player bank and timer balances,give to timer balances,and take from timer balances. Admins can also create timenotes.This allows them to put a time amount on a piece of paper that when right clicked in the players main hand, will add that time to a players timer.

Permissions: -allow player to pay other players from their timer - allows player to withdraw and deposit to bank
time.set - allows admin to set a players timer to a given time
time.give - allows admins to add to a players timer
time.take - allows admins to subtract from a players timer
time.balance - allows admins to view other players balances, and other players timers
timeshop.create - this allows players to create their own chest shop signs
timeshop.use - this allows players to buy from chest shops
timeshop.admin - this allows admins to setup server stores where players can sell ores or buy rare items
timenote.create - this allows admins to create cashable time notes with a specified currency amount players right click to add to timer

/time help or /slip help for info on commands in game

NOTE: Because TimeConomy is dependent on countdown timers...IT DOES NOT LIKE SERVER RELOADS. Server reload will freeze up all countdown timers. A reload IS SAFE if there are no players on the server.

Plugin Download Link from DevBukkit:

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12/09/2018 6:33 pm
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This is so cool!
12/09/2018 6:36 pm
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Thank you so much! I appreciate it




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