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Trident Things: Exclusive Addons for Tridents! (1.13.1 Datapack)

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created 10/03/2018 6:01 pm by Hashs
Hey there, Planet Minecraft! Today I am here to show you a unique mod for Vanilla 1.13.1 Minecraft (yes, you heard me right - vanilla):
Trident Things
When I got my hands on my first trident, the weapon added in 1.13, I felt underwhelmed. Yes, it had great unique enchantments, but it didn't break the "sharp 5 diamond sword" meta. And one day, I was bored, so I typed some stuff into a function, and now we have Trident Things.

Trident Things adds a new customization option for the trident, akin to enchantments: Trident Enhancements! Enhancements give your trident powerful additional abilities like breaking ice or poisoning enemies. There are 5 different enhancements in total:

Enhancements full list
Poison Tipped (II)
Poison Tipped adds poisoning effects to your trident when used at range. Its level II version adds a better poison effect. To add it to your trident, throw it at a cave spider. To upgrade it to II, throw it at a pufferfish.
Ink Soaked
Ink Soaked adds a blindness effect to your trident when used at range. To add it to your trident, throw it at a squid.
This is a fun one! Surfing lets you surf on your trident for a little while after throwing it, and makes water. To add it to your trident, hit a boat with it, then throw it at the top of an end portal frame. (The end portal is hard to access. This is intentional.)
Frost Path
Frost Path creates ice under the trident as it flies. To add it to your trident, throw it at the top of blue ice.
Inferna Infused
This is very good in above-water combat! Inferna Infused enables the trident to break ice as it flies, and makes it combust for fire damage. To add it to your trident, throw it near a blaze.

For more info about the datapack, images, or to download it, visit the datapack's original mod page. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

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