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WolvenBlood: Can anyone code and/or model? (looking for Coders + Modellers + Mod Idea!)

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created 12/10/2017 9:32 am by MoonNationProduction
Okay so I know there's a few werewolf mods out there, one of them outstandingly being the HowlingMoon mod and then you got a werewolf aspect of it being in Witchery (personally I don't really prefer it) but I wanted to make a mod which is simple, but at the same time can be advanced. I can model but techne for me isn't working as windows is kinda broken. I can however Texture mobs. so all I need is modellers and coders.

This mod Is gonna be called WolvenBlood (Yes it's a changed name to wolfblood) But that's honestly because I want to make a Wolfblood mod but then thought of other things. This mod will allow you to transform into any kind of werewolf from your favourite TV shows and Ideas (like other people's perspective on what a werewolf should be)

What I want to include: (More detail will be seperate down below)
-A Gui which allows the player to choose what type of werewolf (what form they'll take) and in some cases what skin they would like their werewolf to be.
- Werewolves.
-A Pack system
-Lunar Phases
-Infecting system

I want the GUI to be a simple key which you can select configurable options to allow you what form you will take after transformation and also what skin you want your werewolf to have, if required. and other world options take people may not like. So for example: People may not like the idea that you gain abilites in human form so they can turn that off. or maybe people don't like the rare chance of having a bloodmoon or a Lunar eclipes (more on lunar phases)

Now I would like the player to be able to select what kind of werewolf they're like to be. But before that I want to get into the idea that you also gain abilities in human form like being able to track scent, being able to see in the dark and maybe be slightly faster and slightly stronger. obviously these atributes will get stronger when you're in wolf form or any other form.
Types of werewolves:
-The human werewolf (basically a werewolf skin with snout, ears and tail)

-Beast (The big, half man, half wolf creature: Being Human (UK), Teen Wolf)

-Wolf form ( you basically turn into a Wolf: Wolfblood, Teen Wolf, Bitten, True Blood, Shadowhunters, Originals)

-Beast 2 (a giant wolf, unlike most people I actually liked the Twilight werewolves.)

-The Wolfman form (Now this I would like to get Teen Wolf into here. Basically make the player's forehead be extended and have big, long, pointed ears on the sides of the head. also have claws on the hands. however unlike any other werewolf style, this doesn't need a skin as it's using the player's skin to cover over the extended bits (apart from the claws obviously).

I also want a custom model for the wolves and beasts as honestly I don't really like the minecraft wolves. That's just a personal opinion but you can select the Minecraft wolf too if you like it and it will have skins to not be left out. Werewolves, will transform for the first time on the NEXT full moon. After that they'll be able to transform whenever they want.

Another thing, Werewolves are weak to both Silver and Wolfsbane. (Despite back in the time they used Quick Silver which was Mercury and I'm pretty sure we're all weak to it and could kill us but you know.)

A Pack System:
There's two places in the pack, them being The Alpha and the Beta.
Beta's are weaker than the alpha by default but if the Alpha is killed by one of them then they will get the Alpha
title. or if one of the beta's leave the pack, kill enough mobs, they will become alpha.
HOWEVER, If the werewolf kills Players, Villagers and hunters. They'll end up getting the Savage Alpha title which will make your werewolf form have red eyes but will also have the Hunter mob be Aggressive towards them. If the werewolf kills mobs such as, witches, zombies, skeletons etc. Then they'll become the Calm Alpha, their eyes would be green and the Hunter mobs will be Neutral towards you but will still attack if provoked. The natural eye colour of a werewolf is Yellow or the Beta colour.
So two ways to get alpha:
-Kill the alpha
-Kill certain types of mobs
The Omega status doesn't really exist and is more of a social thing. both in IRL wolfpacks and, for what I've seen, TV Shows.

Lunar Phases:
Really simply, on the full moon you're forced into transformation. However every full moon there is a rare chance of getting a blood moon or a Lunar eclipes (both configurable). With the Bloodmoon you are forced into transformation but will take damage until you kill a mob, and will slowly die until you kill mobs, forcing the player to go savage for while until it ends. the Lunar Eclipes is even rarer than the Blood moon but instead you're not forced into transformation. instead you wont be able to transform into werewolf form at this time but your abilities are as strong as if you were transformed. also during this time werewolves are weaker in body armour and can be killed as if they were still human.

Transformation: (?)
Depending on what werewolf you picked, there will be a custom animation of you shapeshifting into that werewolf form. althought this may not happen until much, much later into the project if this ever gets made.

The werewolf has abilities in both Werewolf form and in Human form however in Human form the abilities are weaker.
This includes:
-Agility (Humans, you're faster but only when sprinting. When in werewolf form you're able to jump higher)
-Scent Tracking
-Natural Body Armour (Werewolf form)
-natural regeneration, slower when the player is hungry.
-The ability to Howl - When in Multiplayer, if a werewolf Howls, then in chat it would say: "WB: A Player is howling at : x, y, z co-ords" However only werewolves can see that and for players who are normal will only just hear the howl

There would also be mobs lurking around your world such as:
-Humans: They'll spawn both day and night and act like villagers and will have their own village/town and will have randomised skins
-Werewolves: Random Werewwolf which can bite and infect you
-Hunters: Will go after packless werewolves and also if your pack leader is a Savage Alpha then hunters will go after you aswell. However if your leader is a Calm Alpha then the Alpha and the Beta's of that pack will be left alone unless they provoke the hunters (by hurting them, kinda like the vanilla wolf)

Infecting System:
Only Werewolf Alpha's can infect players whenever. However if it is the Full moon, Any werewolf can bite and infect. more the reason to watch yourself on a full moon if you don't want to be a werewolf :P
WARNING: ONCE YOU'RE A WEREWOLF YOU CANNOT BE CURED! YOU CAN ONLY BE CURED IF YOU USE A COMMAND. This'll create the fear in players and actually give them both in game and roleplay a reason to Hunt down werewolves in fear that they'll become infected. Werewolves also have to be in Werewolf form in order to infect. when the werewolf attacks the player it has a 20% chance of infecting that player. Werewolves can also Infect Villagers and Humans.

Now here me out. Alot of the time I see werewolves being carnivores but in my opinion I find that to be generally FALSE. What alot of people don't know, is that like most canines, Wolves are Omnivorious and so are we, us humans. So I would say that werewolves just prefer meat but in both werewolf form and human you can also eat plant material. so you could eat grass if you wanted and seeds but you can also eat raw food and rotten flesh without any hunger debuffs (And yes, Dogs and most other canines, if not all canines can survive on a vegeterian diet, I know this because I'm currently doing animal care as a course in college, before you start arguing at me about this.)

As said several times, The Hunter would only attack a werewolf if the werewolf isn't in a pack or is in a pack that has a Savage Alpha or if provoked. the Hunter can be a mob but all of the items and weapons they use can be crafted, even the armour. so you too can be a hunter if you wanted. Hunters carry with them several items and weapons and armour. The armour of the hunter reduces the chance of getting infected but 15% so then now you would have 5% chance of getting infected. also the werewolf would get hurt as the amour is made with silver.

I wanted this mod to be a universal timeline style. So it has weapons from all ages of the world. Medieval-Modern.
-Silver Spear
-Silver Sword
-Silver Tipped Arrow
-Silver Musket Ball
-Musket Ball
-Silver Cannon Ball
-Cannon Ball
-Cannon (Why not :P)
-Silver Bullets
-Variety of Pistol/Handguns
-Variety of SMGs
-Variety of Sniper Rifles
-Variety of Carbine/Assault Rifles
-Stun Guns or Tazers (can freeze any player in place but not do any damage)
-Bat (wood and aluminium)

-Moon Stone (Glows when a werewolf is nearby or just say's in the player's chat "A werewolf is nearby!"
-Book On Lycanthropy (Basically the tutorial in game)
-Human Flesh
-Wolfsbane (Poison to the Werewolf)
-Wolfsbane Potion (Now! When I said you couldn't be cured, you can. HOWEVER! You can only be cured if you drink it before you change. once you've had your first full moon and changed, the wolfsbane would do nothing.
-Bullet Casing
-Gun Parts

This is all I've got for the mod Idea. If ANYONE can help I would much apprechiate it!

5 Facts on Wolves: (Because why not)
1. Wolves are pack animals and hunt in packs and have Alpha, Beta, Omega. But what you might not have known is that every Beta has it's own rank! Usually when a wolf pushes you, it's testing your place in the pack. If you fall over, that wolf is higher ranking to you and viseverser.
2. Wolves, much like most canines, are Omnivorious. Meaning they eat both Plants and Meat but only to a certain extent.
3. A wolf at any age (except when they're pups) can be an alpha, As long as it has the capability to be an alpha, it can!
4. There are different roles in the pack such as:
-Alpha (Leader)
-Enforcer (Is the police basically and enforces the rules)
-Look out (Alerts the pack of any danger)
-Peace Keeper (attempts to calm down any wolves that are tense, nervous or angry)
Those were some of the many roles.
5. Male wolves, when they are mature, tend to leave the pack to find a mate to start another pack. this usually means going out into other pack territories and risking it's life as the Alpha wolf of that pack could easily kill the outsider.
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