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360 Gamers clan, my new project!

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created 02/20/2019 4:37 pm by Beastronix
The 360 Gamers
Who is The 360 gamers?
The 360 Gamers is a gaming clan formed in 2019 to bring people that like video games and multiplayer together. If you like playing games like Fortnite, Minecraft, Call Of Duty, Apex Legends, PUBG, Farming simulator 19 and more, then 360 Gamers is for you!
What are the requirements to join the 360 gamers?
The requirements to join the 360 gamers are as follows :
- Being 13 years of age or older
- Having a valid email for alternative communication
- Have a valid discord account
- (Not required but preferred) having a decent microphone for voice communication
- Having a stable internet connection for multiplayer games
- Being able to use a google form to apply for membership
- Being able to put [360] In front of name if possible

Sounds cool, how do I join?
If you think that the 360 gamers clan is for you, then you’re in luck, we are currently looking for new members to come and join us in our journey in video games, there will be a link to apply for membership to the 360 gamers later in this post!
Who are the members so far?
Glad you asked! The members of the 360 Gamers are as follows:
- Clan Leader
o [360]BetaStevie#6166(Contact on discord with this tag if you have any questions!)
o Eko_h
- Clan Assistant
o HuntThenKill_0
- Clan Moderator
o Currently None (open for people to be promoted to this rank)
- Clan Members
o None(this is the first rank you can apply for)
To apply go to this google form and fill the link out, then join the discord as well!
P.S Moderators, if I am not allowed to post clan recruitment I apologize, I wasn't sure
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