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Blessing Skin - Third party MC Skin server | Need help translating

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created 01/10/2019 8:56 pm by dz_paji
Hello guys, it's my first time posting a thread in Plant Minecaft, and I'm... pretty excited!

I don't know if you have ever heard about Blessing Skin , so I just assume you didn't know it.

>Blessing Skin is a web application where you can upload, manage and share your custom skins & capes! Unlike modifying a resource pack, everyone in the game will see the different skins of each other (of course they should register at the same website too).
>Blessing Skin is an open-source project written in PHP, which means you can deploy it freely on your own web server! Here is a live demo.
The purpose of this project is, display your custom skin in a server running in offline mode. You can find more details here.

Well, this project is currently only got 2 languages, English and Chinese simplified. So, I'm kindly asking that, if you are interested in Blessing Skin, would you like to help us translating it into your local language? If the answer is yes, you can join our translation here.

Thank you all, and wish you have a nice day ;)
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