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Creating Portal 2 In Minecraft

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created 07/22/2018 12:29 pm by LexionGVC2
last reply 07/22/2018 1:28 pm
Portal V1

Welcome to the Aperture Science Laboratory. We are currently looking for test subjects to take part in our scientific tests. We have 5 Chambers filled with 4 levels each. You may get to the next chamber but I am pretty sure you will die from turrets muahahaha. *cough* so what are you waiting for. Sign yourself up for this challenge. Start thinking with portals.

This is a multiplayer map and requires a maximum of 2 players. You could always try 4 but there is really no point. And you have to complete test chambers to then hopefully defeat the boss in the end level.

I am currently looking for builders or redstoners to come on and help. It took me a little over 1 hour 30 minutes to finish the first level of the first chamber. It took ages to build and setup the command blocks. With more pair of hands we can get more levels and more creative ideas.
This map does not require any mods and is run purely by command blocks.

If you would like to help me out by putting this map together. That would be appreciated.
Add me on discord: LexionGVC#0732
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Level 1 : New Explorer

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07/22/2018 1:16 pm
Level 26 Expert Button Pusher
I'll think about it.. If you want i might be able to design every level of each chamber.
07/22/2018 1:28 pm
Level 1 New Explorer
That's the person I need. So if you want to help out make sure to add me on discord




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