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creating your own legend and location on your map. my map legend.

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created 12/14/2017 5:35 pm by aghostess
minecraft legend.Okay I came up with many names as I am getting creative with my current minecraft world.
I was trying to build a railway in which I already constructed through morpho inlet to the morpheona land district.
This land is covered in mystery and wonders of it's enchanted landscapes .

The boof head sea is the most largest ocean barrier.
Ozralia is the location of my main base.
The base is Huge! with many farms and courtyards.
There is a inlet where my railway system goes to from Ozralia to morpheona my jungle base.

In the jungle base it is underground and hidden with a temple cave underneath called "Jungo temple".

Jungo temple is connected to a lost abandoned mineshaft and a nether portal.

This is a screen shot from my jungle base in "Jungo temple" it's an underground lair located at my jungle you can see the base looks pretty undone. could you guys offer an tips on furnishing and decorating this base?
jungle base.Jungo temple.
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