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CYL City - Update 14 In Progress - PREVIEW 1 - NEW PICS!

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created 01/16/2018 11:31 pm by Chiayanglingonzalez
Good evening everybody!

Note: This post is fairly LONG, but there's 11 new pictures below to see my work!

My next semester starts tomorrow, January 17th, 2018, which means I'll be going back to Montclair State University (in New Jersey) for college classes for this upcoming Spring Semester as a Senior Fine Arts major. I did what I can do with CYL City for my Winter Break, which was from December 21st, 2017 (day my Fall semester ended) to January 16th, 2018 (tonight). This means that my town of CYL City grew at least a little bit (with at least a few new buildings!) during that timeframe since my Winter Break is basically over as of right now.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND how much time I am able to devote to working on CYL City, revolves around the university semester calendar (both semesters combined are about 32 weeks long), which means I am able to work on CYL City for about 40% of every year until I graduate from college.

Working on CYL City and building houses and buildings in Minecraft, on my computer is my "thing", something I love to do and I'm passionate about, outside of academics. I can relate my CYL City project to my art major, since Minecraft itself (and making things in it) can still count as a medium of art, in my opinion. But, once again, I go back to college classes tomorrow, January 17th, 2018, since getting a college education is important AND a "rite of passage" for a lot of people my age!

Download page to CYL City as an old version:

NOTE 1: You are welcome to share your opinions of my work. Any constructive criticism is appreciated.

NOTE 2: What you see in the pictures below is NOT AVAILABLE in the current version (Update 13) of CYL City, but will be in the next version (Update 14).

Anyways, here are 11 NEW PICTURES of CYL CITY BELOW, showcasing new changes, content, and new buildings that I've built by myself (Yes, you read that right. I take building things ALONE as a challenge!).
These pictures show only a very small part of what will come in the next update, the 14th Update, which means this update for CYL City is FAR from finished!

12/21/2017 - 1/16/2018

NOTE: SEUS 11.0 and SEUS Renewed 1.0.0, Optifine and Better Foliage Mod were used for these screenshots. SEUS 11.0 is the only thing modified for my personal use.
1. A new residential plaza below under construction with the town's local pharmacy on the 1st floor.
2. The interior view of the local pharmacy.
3. Front bird-eye view of the three new, modern suburban houses with trees in the background.
4. Back bird-eye view of the three suburban houses showing their backyards at night.
5. Interior shot of the house with its gray roof.
6. Interior shot of the house with its dark wooden roof.
7. Interior shot of the house with its beige roof.
8. Typical bathroom in one of those three houses showcased above.
9. A new "air-bridge" (a bridge connecting two separate buildings from any floor above the 1st floor from both buildings) connecting the two buildings of an apartment complex that I've built back in September 2014.
10. New street light and traffic light design #1.
11. New street light and traffic light design #2 at night.

Resource Pack: Greenfield Official Texturepack 1.12.
Shaders: I use several shader packs, but mainly SEUS 11.0 (modified for myself ONLY) AND SEUS Renewed 1.0.0 (original, NOT modified).
Credits for using Greenfield's resource pack:
Anticipated release date for Update 14: TBA/TBD. Hopefully by the end of 2018, since I anticipate this update to be the biggest & the most ambitious one! I really DON'T know how long this update will take to complete.
Where to see on Instagram: Go to the Instagram app on your phone OR, and find the hashtag #cylcity (without # sign).

Current number of buildings in CYL City: 171, or 172 if you count buildings under construction.
Estimated population of CYL City: 14,028 (I used Sum of Positive Consecutive Integers for this, but estimating population of a REAL LIFE city is WAAAY more complicated than this!)

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