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Darkden Temple: A dungeon inspired by N64 Zelda - help with suggestions and directions

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created 01/18/2019 5:24 am by Zelascelar
Explanation: Hey, this is a weird situation but I've decided to revive and finish this project. It's a temple inspired by Zelda, with puzzles and enemies and even a boss. (plus middle boss fight when I have figured it out), made for singleplayer adventure mode (though maybe multiplayer will work too).

The reason why it didn't finished, I lost confidence, thought that noone would like it. But as I've dared to show it to some, they told me to finish it so here I am!

I came up with the idea by cheer mistake. It began as a funny thing, then I made room after room until it started to become a dungeon. I remember seeing Zelda-inspired dungeons made in Minecraft by other people, but they were mostly like Zelda 1, just alot of rooms and challenges/puzzles. (I may have missed out on some though)
I'm trying my best to also have a theme with the temple, a hidden story behind it. I also try to make the puzzles fit with the theme. Not only are there puzzles within the rooms, but I also try to make the temple itself a puzzle (yes there will be backtracking, as I see it as one of the point with Zelda puzzles, but I'm trying to not make too much of that.) The temple have around 26 rooms now, and I probably need twice as much of it, so there's aloot to do. But the boss is already done haha. (though I might have to move the room..)

There's two major problems, one is that I did my best to make it mod-free. As I've done more and more I feel that's not gonna be possible because I need to change camera angles, so that players can see what the puzzles/buttons actually do. The puzzles need the bow and cart, so they are the key items in the dungeon.

Second is that I'm making this in 1.8.9 version. I remember trying to move it to a newer version some years ago, and not only did half of my redstone puzzles stop working, but it also did this weird sort of text EMP wave - in a large radius around me my command blocks and signs just got their text wiped, had to do alot of extra work haha. (I know i should have done a safecopy, learned by mistake)

Problem: I have alot of struggles with redstone and commands. When I started this, I didn't even knew how to make doors with redstone. Today I've picked up quite some things - one puzzle is a wall that you can change the pattern on, and when the time runs out, a testfor command will see if it's correct or not. Stuff like that.

But after I've made alittle exploring, I see that I'm WAY behind with redstone and commands. I've seen one command block creations and they blow my mind. There's also probably ALOT of my things that can be simplified, or there's puzzles that I could make better.

Question 1: There's alot I want to ask, so I wonder if I can do it here, or if there's another index I should post it in?
It's just alot that I feel I can do if I just find the right solution.

One problem for instance: I want to make puzzles with cart. I can't do puzzles where you ride a cart, because you're able to jump out of it at any point and reach places you shouldn't. you can also just jump out and walk on the rail which ruins the purpose of it.

So I tried making puzzles with Cart w. furnace (I know it's gone now) and it should work, but when you have ti pick it up again after puzzle isd done, it breaks into two pieces, Cart and Furnace. Making it possible for the player to just ride the cart and breaking puzzles more. I don't want to have some imaginary rule that says "You must craft Minecart w. furnace everytime after you've use it or you'll break the map".

so Question 2: Can you either make it able to pickup Minecart w. Furnace (or chest and so on) and keeping it whole in your inventory, or somehow make any kind of block both invisible and non-solid, so you can place rails in the air without being able to walk on it?

Question 3: Is not really a question, but if you also love Zelda I'd love to just talk about it and maybe come up with new things or solutions, if you like game design or want to discover it! I don't feel you need to have education for it, I feel that I've become more aware of what's good or bad in game designs just by doing this. I've scrapped alot of puzzles that I found out were just too troublesome/confusing. At the same time, it needs to be challenging too.

As I said I'd love any kind of help - both redstone puzzles, the design of rooms and the temple itself, which has a weird mix of aztec/technology/dark gods. I've even started on my own theme song for the temple, so if you're into music I'd love to have a chat aswell! Also, is this something you can stream? Never thought of it before.

Do I post my discord here?

oh yes Question 4: Is it safe to move this to the recent version of MC? I know I have to do some rework, but I don't want the text to be wiped again.

I'll include some pics!

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