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• Experienced and organized builders needed.

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created 02/03/2019 9:19 am by TheThyrilias
Hello readers,

Im Thomas, better known as Thyrilias. I currently own a minecraft network (closed for building and developing) with some good developers and staff members. As we have a big project to release, we need some more builders to help us with finishing maps and spawns. As we are still on whitelisted mode, we don't have money to offer you yet. The server and all things around like Teamspeaks and forums cost us a lot of money and so on we dont have money to offer yet, but when we open we will recieve donations and we will be able to donate to good helping builders. We currently have over 200 members in our Discords with Youtubers included and we expect much more when opening and with some promotion.

We are looking for builders that :

- Can work in a team or alone
- Have some building/buildteam experience
- Are able to build modern, medieval or fantasy
- Can speak Dutch or English

Are you interessed in helping us? Feel free to contact me on,

[PlanetMineCraft] TheThyrilias

With kind regards,

Thomas - Thyrilias

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