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Greenvale - A Medieval Fantasy Town

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created 05/20/2018 6:47 pm by Mr_Vaudeville
last reply 05/28/2018 8:01 pm
Hey, Crafters!

This is where I'll be posting about my current large scale medieval fantasy project.

Greenvale is a medium sized medieval style town, and the first part of what will eventually be a larger fantasy world. As you'll see, there's a lot to do before the town itself is completed, but I eventually want the world to contain several 'human' towns like this one - with surrounding farmland, mines, etc, and possibly a capital city - an elven town, a dwarven town, a few dungeons to explore, and all the usual medieval fantasy stuff!

The town contains an increasing number of original builds (such as the castle/Manor House, some of the shops/houses, and general decorations), as well as builds by YouTubers Andyisyoda, Lord Dakr, Cubey, Jeracraft, Madnes64, Rizzial, and more. If you see any builds or designs that are yours, please message me and I'll add your name to the credits.

In the next post, I'll add some pictures of the town so far, along with a list of completed buildings, and a list of things left to build which I'll update as I go.
After that, we'll take a closer look at the completed exteriors and interiors of each build.
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05/28/2018 8:01 pm
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Guardhouse & Barracks

The centre of military organisation and training in Greenvale, the guardhouse and two barracks house the town's garrisoned militia, who function as the law enforcing town guards. The buildings are from two different barrack tutorials by Jeracraft.

Guardhouse Features
(Gallery Here)
  • Walled compound with gate and walkway

  • Kitchen/dining area

  • Armoury

  • Captain's Office (tower)

  • First floor barracks

  • Second floor storage loft

  • Second floor officer's quarters (tower)

  • Additional third floor tower room and fourth floor platform

  • Archery range

  • Melee combat training area

  • Small stable (with two armoured horses - Derby and Snowbell)

Barracks Features*
(Gallery Here)
  • Ground floor sleeping/living area and kitchen

  • First floor storage

  • Extra external storage

*Both barracks are nearly identical
05/25/2018 9:48 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Mayor's Office

From a YouTube tutorial by Andyisyoda, the Mayor's Office is Greenvale's primary municipal building. While administration and other important civic duties are carried out here, the building isn't a true town hall, as I imagine town/council meetings would be held in a public forum such as the tavern, inn, or main hall of the manor.

(Gallery Here)

  • Public notice board outside main entrance

  • Lobby area with couch and fireplace

  • Mayor's Office - The mayor uses the office as a place to compose and/or sign important documents, review records, receive messages, and everything else you'd expect a mayor to do in their office.

  • Town Clerk's Office - The town clerk organises meetings and deals with most of the record keeping and routine administrative tasks for the town, processing guild applications and property sales, taking stock inventories, etc.

  • Financeer's Office - The financeer acts as town treasurer and banker, keeping track of the town's finances, recording and enforcing taxes, offering loans, etc. He is also the head of Greenvale's Merchants Guild

  • Postmaster's Office - The postmaster deals with all incoming and outgoing messengers, couriers, heralds, and delivieries for the town, ensuring all messages reach their intended destination. The job includes keeping a record of all reciepts and dispatches.

  • First floor library/reading area, storage space, and access to balconies

  • Second floor attic space for extra storage

05/24/2018 8:15 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Greenvale Church & Graveyard

Greenvale, being a frontier town, only has a small church, built when the town was just starting out as a village. The church is the centre of the human monotheistic religion in Greenvale, and also the town's place of healing. Priests in this world are similar to the 'white mages' or 'healers' from fantasy RPGs. The church is a remodelled Mojang village church - tutorial by Rizzial - with a few personal touches. The graveyard uses most of a tutorial by TSMC, but with some changes and tweaks to fit the build.

Church Features
(Gallery Here)
  • Small entrance area

  • Several rows of pews

  • Altar

  • First floor balcony and reading area

  • Belltower with bell and large cross

  • Neat 'stained glass' windows

Graveyard Features
  • Gate and walls

  • Small mausoleum

  • Two large cross grave-markers with R.I.P inscription

  • Headstones with the following 'inscriptions': 'Robin Banks - R.I.P', 'Myra Mains - R.I.P', 'Claire Voyant - Should've seen it coming', 'John Yeast - Pardon me for not rising', 'Barry M. Deep - R.I.P', 'Malcolm Tent - Henpecked Husband', 'Evelyn Tent - Overbearing Wife', 'Anne Teek - R.I.P', and 'Roland Stone - Gathering moss now'

  • Single open, unmarked grave

  • Lots of flowers and a customised tree

05/22/2018 11:49 am
Level 1 : New Miner

Just a few changes...
  • Cheese shop added!
  • New small house added.
  • Caged chickens added to Butchers shop, marketplace, and eggs/sugar/flour stall. Using the new acacia trapdoors. It made sense and they look awesome.

  • All animal water-troughs and the Manor bathtub were changed to incorporate the new water-in-stairs mechanic. Incidentally, the toilet got a bit of a redesign, too.

  • The cow pen by the main gate is bigger now!

  • Added a roof window to the second floor of the potter's workshop/house.

05/22/2018 11:40 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Main Gate

Not a great deal to look at here. The gatehouse and wall designs are both by Madnes64, with some personal touches.

(Gallery Here)
  • Robust gatehouse with towers

  • Towers contain a storage room and seating for guards on the ground floor

  • Accessible walls that will eventually enclose the entire town

05/21/2018 3:00 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Greenvale Manor

Part castle, part manor house, this large, 3 story walled building sits on higher ground at the heart of the town, and is the residence of the Lord of Greenvale.

Exterior Features
  • Large 3 Story Manor House/Castle with garden, rooftop garden, and mage's tower

  • Gate with 2 Guard Towers

  • Separate Jailers Tower with Dungeons

  • Fountain Courtyard with Outbuildings

Manor House Interior Features
(Gallery Here - Start with the exterior shots and move up)

Ground Floor:
  • Small entrance corridor with two identical side chambers

  • Main Hall/'Throne Room'

  • Kitchen

  • Small dining room

  • Mage's tower ground floor side chamber

  • Interior garden room

  • Exterior garden

First Floor:
  • Central sitting room with balcony

  • Study

  • Head servant's quarters

  • Exterior rooftop garden with access to sitting room and mage's tower staircase

Second Floor:
  • Master bedroom

  • Servant's quarters

  • Bathroom

  • Mage's tower second floor storage room

Mage's Tower Upper Floors:
  • Small study/lab

  • Upper bedroom/brewing room

Outbuilding Features
(Gallery Here)
  • Gate and guard towers with storage room, guard quarters, and latrine

  • Jailers tower with dungeons, jailers office, and jailers bedroom

  • Groundskeeper's cottage

  • Cartographer

  • Library with underground treasure vault

  • Private Stable - with the Lord's armoured horse, Figaro

05/21/2018 12:38 am
Level 1 : New Miner
This looks so cool! If somehow transported this to a pc version I'd love it even more!
05/21/2018 4:40 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Thanks! I'd love to be able to port the finished world, or somehow make it available for others to explore. Maybe it's something I can look into in the future.
05/20/2018 11:23 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Engineer
Wait... You did this on pocket? How...
05/21/2018 4:39 am
Level 1 : New Miner
With the Beyond the Lands texture pack and a lot of patience. Lol.
05/20/2018 7:34 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
A Town in Progress

Completed Features:

  • Greenvale Manor - a walled, 3 story manor house with courtyard/outbuildings that contain a groundskeepers cottage, cartographer, library with underground treasure vault, jailer's tower with dungeons, and private stable

  • Main Gate - East Gate and partially completed Town Walls

  • Church & Graveyard

  • Mayor's Office - Administrative Building

  • Guardhouse & 2 Barracks

  • School

  • Marketplace - With the following 13 stalls: Apples, Melons, Pumpkins, Fishmonger, Florist, Tools & Hardware, Carpets/Rugs/Drapes, Farrier/Riding Supplies, Coal & Charcoal, Wheat & Grain, Ironmonger, Fireworks, and Milk/Cattle Market

  • Row of Three Small Shops - Vegetable stall, Eggs/Flour/Sugar stall, and Hot Soup/Stew vendor

  • Stables

  • Inn - The King's Elbow

  • Tavern - The Vulgar Duchess

  • Blacksmith - Discount Arms & Armour

  • Butcher - Cleaver & Sons

  • Bakery - Libby's

  • Carpenter - Sawdust & More

  • Stonemason - Taken for Granite

  • Potter - Glaze of Glory

  • Fletcher/Bowyer - The Hunter's Mark

  • Leatherworker - Clyde's Hides

  • Potion Shop - Postlethwaite's Potion Emporium

  • Book Shop - A Likely Story

  • Cheese Shop - Praise Cheeses
  • Tailor - Britches & Hose

  • Chandler - Light & Tight
  • Artist/Painter - Different Strokes

  • Signmaker - Sign of the Times

  • Scrivener/Scribe/Notary - Bound to Please

  • Herbalist - Thyme to Spare

  • Restaurant - The Fat Dragon

  • Goldsmith - Timeless Treasures

  • Watermill

  • Warehouse

  • Gravedigger/Casket-maker

  • Large Statue

  • Combat Arena

  • Jousting Grounds

  • Carnival Area - Contains the following: Arena Souvenir Stand, Jousting Souvenir Stand, Shell Game, Horseshoes Game, Coconut Shy, Fortune Teller, Test-Your-Strength Game.

  • Fighters Guild

  • Mages Guild

  • Thieves Guild - Underground, with entrances from the sewers and from an abandoned/derelict peasant house.
  • 24 Houses* - 10 almost identical peasant houses. The rest are various sizes, some cloned (with different decoration) and some unique.

  • 3 Wells

*While these buildings are dedicated houses, most of other buildings - shops and craftsmen - also contain living areas and bedrooms on the upper floors.

Things to Add:
  • Glassworker?

  • Archery tournament area
  • Finish the carnival area

  • A West Gate

  • Possibly another small Tavern near the west gate

  • Possibly another small Stable near the west gate

  • Finish the Town Wall

  • Farmland outside the walls - this will probably happen last. Includes wheat farms, windmill, livestock farms, lumber mill, quarries, mines, etc.
  • Decoration; streetlights!!! More carts, trees, hedges, outhouses, another fountain/custom tree plaza, etc.

If you can think of anything that needs adding, please comment with your suggestions!

05/20/2018 10:09 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
Whoa... that's awesome!




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