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How big should an all item storage system be?

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created 02/12/2019 3:24 pm by BenCoHU
last reply 02/12/2019 3:49 pm
I want to build an ultimate storage system, a chest for every item that kind of stuff, so it's more organized. How big should it be? 50x50 is enough or do I need an even larger scale for that? I'm kinda in a point where I want to start a big project like this so any help with it is appreciated. I wasn't thinking about automation because I'm not into redstone but if it's easy to do please explain so. Thanks in advance!
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02/12/2019 3:49 pm
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50x50 is the best in my opinion. However, it depends on where you are building it, Are you building it in a house or outside? If its outside you can make it as big as you want. In a regular sized house though, 50 x 50 is best. Hope this helps!

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