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Idea: Recreating ''Yume Nikki'' in mc

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created 01/07/2019 4:56 am by Minestick
Anyone heard of the indie game ''Yume Nikki''? It's an RPG game first released in 2004 and it has huge world settings. So I was thinking whether it should be possible to replicate the dreamscape in Minecraft. (Notice: it's not the ''Yume Nikki - Dream Diary, it's a controversial 3D reboot.)

I've seen a lot of projects that replicate the map of Undertale in Minecraft, while not any is made for this game, even if the two games are somewhat correlated.
There's a post on minecraft forum raising the same idea, but that's several years ago. I have also find some videos on Niconico doing similar projects, but it's not that completed, and those were acient too.
Since there's limited architecture and full of surrealism in the game, not much skill on architecture is needed, but the difficulty is to replicate the infinite looping map (if you go out from the west of the map you enter from the same y-coordinate in the east and the view is connected), as well as the necessary resourcepack (some extra texture is needed, e.g. some pink water)
Any ideas or suggestions?

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