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Minecraft Server Hub - Overgrown [World Download]

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created 01/30/2019 2:29 am by Lmaoplaysminecraft
last reply 02/01/2019 9:40 pm

Hia! So basically for around 2 years I've been on a really big break from minecraft overall because of health issues and more at that time I spent tens of thousands of hours building and gathered 5+ years of professional minecraft building experience.. Well after so long I have started to come back and this is my warmup build timelapse because believe me more is coming! (This build was a bit of a test because it was my first time recording a timelapse in this way which was new to me so I didn't go too hard on the editing and wen't for a hub that had a good simple concept but that was less detailed than what I normally do so this isn't my full potential hahah don't worry!)

Anyways! I hope you enjoy the timelapse and well comments are always appreciated and if you want to use this hub for your own server there is a world download link for free in the video's description! Credits are always appreciated but as long as you don't take credit as your own I am happy!

Have a great day!

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01/30/2019 5:34 am
Level 25 : Expert Princess
Nice - would love to see you on my creative server! <3
02/01/2019 9:40 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Would love to just come take a look at your server hahahah just see what's up! I'm quite busy with work, animation stuff and building but I'll come take a look!

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