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Modified 1.13.2 TNT Wars

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created 03/21/2019 11:06 pm by EnderEyeGames
I've created a map for TNT wars unlike any other!
This map never has to be reloaded, because it can be reset and rebuilt in-game.
In addition, it has TNT Modifiers, like Nukes, Arrow Rain, and Hellfire. These are to be
placed in front of the "scatter" dispensers.
Since no TNT Wars map has ever seemed to get the armor right, I made a setting that
controls how good the weapons and armor are.
<= How To Play =>
The players will agree on one of the four wall selections. Then, each player will create his
island, and agree on a distance. Set the Ender Chest Item settings, then click Go To Island.
After the game, click "Comprehensive Map Destruction Sequence (LAG ALERT)". Make sure
to check out the Tutorial, seen to the right of spawn!
The map can be found here.
Make sure to tell me what you think, or if you have any questions about the map, make sure to tell me!
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