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Need Builders for Minecraft Movie

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created 07/20/2018 9:17 pm by 4nrMike
last reply 07/21/2018 12:44 am
Hello fellow PMCers! I am making a Minecraft movie ( the link will provide info on the movie) that takes place immediately after A New Hope. Yes, I am making a Star Wars Minecraft Movie. The WORKING TITLE is "Outer Rim: A Star Wars Minecraft Story" but the "Outer Rim" doesn't really make sense with the plot. If you have a title idea, you can suggest it in the comments for the previously linked PMC blog page.

Now to get to business!

There is one scene where two Rebels are flying through the innards of the Death Star in a stolen TIE Figther. So, I need a recreation of the interior Death Star tunnels seen in Return of the Jedi (zoom3.jpg, latest, hqdefault.jpg). I'm not saying exact recreations, but tunnels that look similar to these, like maintanance tunnels and so forth. If you have any questions on these tunnels and building them PM me or put it in the comments (PM is better because I get email notifications when people PM me!) Feel free to use vanilla minecraft but I STRONGLY URGE YOU to use the MineTrek resource pack! That's what I'm using for much of the film!
If you build a map and I use it in the movie you will be fully credited for the set! PM me before you do build it in case I already have someone doing it.

NOTE: If you do build there should be enough tunnel that it includes a few turns in it, but I can mostly film the same tunnel multiple times and it should look fine! Just make sure it's not a single tunnel, it needs to turn and stuff! Thanks!
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07/20/2018 10:30 pm
Level 1 New Miner
Are you by any chance also looking for cmds?

I can make Aesthetics
Like escaping gas, explosions etc
07/21/2018 12:44 am
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Yes that would be an awesome side-effect—not too much though because the Death Star (spoilers XD) they are flying through isn't damaged at that moment. But yeah gas here and there and stuff would be great!
However, I know how to do many of those commands myself. It's mainly the building I want someone else to do because there's other scenes I need to work on. If you want to build it AND add those aesthetics that'd be great.




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