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Non-Rotating blocks in MCEdit.

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created 08/28/2014 12:41 pm by GameBreaker[PM]
This is (what is assumed to be) a somewhat often-encountered problem for many MCEdit users:

Blocks such as Dispensers, Droppers, Chests, and most notoriously, Stairs, that do not rotate when whole schematics are rotated, flipped, or mirrored.

A recent large-sized project of mine was built involving multiple sections being constructed a la Clone and Import (aka: Copy & Paste), and many of these sections involved loaded Dispensers and Droppers.

When the whole project was completed, entire lines of tile entitles failed to rotate with the rest of the build, causing complications (and several explosions ) in the redstone wiring.

The project mentioned was this schematic:
(I uploaded it anyway, despite the apparent problem.)

Does anybody know of a remedy for this? Or at least a way to keep the tile entitles inline with the rest of the schematic?
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