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OutOfSpace Custom Modpack

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created 01/12/2018 2:07 pm by madsivsen
You start in a space station far far away from the earth. Then you got a mission from the boss to gather some resources from different planets. Once you've collected enough, you need to make a rocket to get back to earth. But you'll soon find out its harder than you thought. Along with the challenges of the adventure you get a piece of "gold", each gold can be used to increase your gameplay. When the story is done, you come to earth and participate/create a kingdom and fight each other!

Each quest has about 2-5 goals and 1 bonus. Each takes about 5-10 minutes depending on how fast you are.
There is no pay-to-win method, only when you've made the "story"

Number of quests: 1-200 approx
Number of modes: 40-80 approx (Uncertain right now)
Release date: 30/05/19 (Day, Month, Year)
Version: Unknown at the moment we find out together

We need the following members:
Techniques (Hits up if you have the ability to code Java / Marven)
Mod-Helper (Helps all users with mods)

It's all voluntary work so no pay but if you choose to sign up we also expect you work a bit for it!
Everyone gets a rank (Modpack Creator or Trusted Manager)

A bit about OutOfSpace:
We are an international community, we're looking for people all around the globe so theres a more stronger community. We have chosen to start a lot of servers (Not yet)( Minecraft, Csgo, Garrysmod, etc.) We are excluded after running non profit but if some single sweethearts are sitting out there and want to give a hand it is possible :wink:

Members decide most of the new as it will come so it's not only Admins and Owners who decide. Everyone have the same rights.

Does that sound interesting? Then join OutOfSpace

We will be more than happy to see you ;) Have a nice day!
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