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Reviving old school factions !!Please read!!

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created 04/21/2019 10:26 pm by HyperDZ
last reply 04/22/2019 1:57 pm
Hello there, I will start by introducing myself.
My name is Dennis and im a 19-year old boy.
Ive been a minecraft server developer for quiet a time, and i want to start a project that will demand alot of time.

Old School Factions.

yes i'm talking about old faction servers, then i think back 3-5 years ago, since everything was more difficult at that time.
I know, that i miss the old factions cause of the gameplay, when people were always in the pvp zone, or you used signs to sell and buy resources. the best of all, it took time and effort to get the things you wanted.

Please let me start to explain what this project is about!

I want to create a server, there we have the old plugins / values / old gameplays.

By that i mean, when a player joins for the first time, they wont have more than just leather armor, stone tools, and some steak / apples and a reaaaaallyy low balance.

The kits wont be overpowered at all! the starter kit will only contain some leather armor, stone tools and food.

The ranks will not be overpriced as all the other servers, cause i remember when i used to play old factions, you might just pay 20$ to get the top rank that had full P4 armor, or P3.

These days you might pay 100-150$ for getting P4, etc... It's totally idiotic, this is just because the owners will make more money.

The economy will be balanced. You need to grind and farm alot more to get what you want.

The old Auction house, Sign Shop, etc...

i want to make the server as old school as you can get it.

Server version will be around 1.8 to 1.8.8.

The server will NOT contain of any GUI plugins.

And here do you guys come in, i need some upvotes, or comments that you guys are saying that you want me to revive this server.

If anyone here does miss the old school factions, then tell me in the comments, ill be gladly to revive this! and ofcourse i need some help from you guys, suggestions etc.. i cant remember everything heh..

I could have kept talking about the server for days, but id rather begin making it instead of talking of it...

So its up to you (Yes) or (No)?

Thanks for reading, you are a real Old School!
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5 replies

04/22/2019 11:22 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
I would love to join that! I really miss the feel of old Minecraft servers. Please let me know if you decide to go through with this. My discord is aynsley#0444 :)
04/22/2019 10:44 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Button Pusher
I, for one, think this is an absolutely amazing idea. I'd love to see this!
04/22/2019 1:57 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Id like to start by saying Thank you! for taking your time to read and respond!

And Thank you for the feedbacks!

i want to wish you guys a good and a warm welcome to our discord, to contribute to make this possible!

04/22/2019 12:36 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Princess
I want to join, I miss a favorite faction server that I played (teamextreme :c) and closed (But I will not enter now cuz my laptop is crashing and I can not play minecraft :C)
04/22/2019 11:18 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
I love your idea and I would like to help you with building/plugins, add me on discord, Josip#7220

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