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Need ideas for my survival build world

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created 06/10/2014 1:24 am by aboveordinary
So I've been working on a survival world where I want to build things. I want the whole world to have a theme and lore to go behind it. So far I've primarily just collected resources for building. I have just started on my first city. The city is a really crowded port town. It is the center of the map so I want it to be busy. I would also like to add a giant boat based off of the "Queen Anne's Revenge", a huge frigate that is used for pirate-y activities. I am still looking for ideas as I still don't have much worked out. I want the world to feel like an alternate universe around 1700s with some steampunky and fantasy aspects. Any ideas or inspiring pictures/builds would be awesome. So far I don't have too much so I won't post any pictures
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