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Join the official Team TWP discord chat!

The link is: https://discord.gg/atZ7p8k

The discord chat is featured on my profile page

Who and why would you join the discord chat?

The discord chat is for anyone that takes an interest in what I'm doing and would like more information. It is for anyone really.

What benefits would I get for joining the discord chat?

You would get the newest info on the projects I'm working on and potentially credit if you supply a valuable suggestions. You could also get early access to the maps before they are uploaded to PMC if you are a subscriber.

What are the requirements for joining the discord chat?
First you must have a discord account(obviously...).Then just click the link on this page and join! To access the early access channel you must be a subscriber and provide valid proof.

To inquire more or ask any questions please use the comments or DM me on discord: Fengax#2071. Thanks
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