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I've been toying around for some time with world and building( which i'm honestly no good at) and i was hoping to get back into the business. Ill be posting my work and creations in this lil chat, if anyone has any ideas of anything you would like me to make i would greatly appreciate it if you would comment down below, just make sure that what you comment is not already on my list of things ill be making for the sake of saving you some time. Also feel free to give me a bit of constructive criticism to help me out since nobody is perfect (moderators i would appreciate it if you could assist me a bit on this one if it gets a bit out of hand).

Ill be mostly working with world creation but builds are acceptable, but be reminded that building isn't my forte
I hope you enjoy my work and its going to be a pleasure creating great things for you all.

P.S. if this isn't in the right section PMC staff, i would be greatfull if you would move it there for me since i don't exactly know what this would fall under.
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04/21/2017 2:34 am
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looks like ill be going somewhat over 10k-10k, feel free to continue the voting as i may revise it slightly to fit the new majority in votes




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