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The Ultimate Minecraft Helper (A little project I've been working on for a while now)

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created 03/19/2018 6:44 pm by KatoFett
last reply 03/23/2018 7:22 pm
I used to make maps (I've quit now) but I found making complicated /tellraw, /give, and /summon commands overburdening. If anybody else has had the 'Expected } but got ]' or whatever error, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. I am a programmer - it's my job, so I decided to make some applications that did just that for me (although, the /summon command generator is kinda non-existant, but just keep reading ;p). Now these applications were totally separate from each other, and one day I decided to combine every single one of them into one application: the Ultimate Minecraft Helper. Currently, it's nowhere near finished as it can only create /tellraw commands, but commands that nonetheless can be very impressive.

Here's a little /tellraw I've made with it

I've attached a poll to see if you guys want this. If you do, I'll give it you! But if you don't, that's fine, I'll keep it to myself and develop it further. I don't care either way.

If you are interested, here is the nitty-gritty of it:

Current Features:

Tellraw Command Generation:
- Create the most simple or the most complicated tellraw commands imaginable
- Import tellraw commands *

Selector Generation (Almost done):
- Create sophisticated target selectors for commands (e.x. @e[r=4,c=-1,y=-100,dy=100])

Upcoming Features (100% will be implemented in the future):

Summon Command Generation:
- Generate the command necessary to bring that indestructible mountain-destroying creeper alive
- Or simply summon a slime the size of your world

Give Command Generation:
- Create commands that allow you to give anybody or specific players items that are unimaginably bad or unbelievably good
- Oh yes, you will be able to exceed the max enchantment of any enchantment (and combine illegal enchantments!)

Custom Sign Generation:
- Create signs that have colored, bold, or obfuscated text (yes, it's possible in Vanilla Minecraft)
- Oh

Help Reference:
- Complete guide to know every nook and cranny in the program

Possible Features (May be implemented in the future):

Mac OS Compatibility
- Currently, this project is only for Windows OS. Development for Mac OS will constitute a complete rewrite of the code. That, and I don't know how to develop for Apple products. As soon as I know how to, Mac OS compatibility will be moved into the Upcoming Features category.

An offline and complete reference/guide
- Information about every kind of block, mob, device, and tool in Minecraft

Give me some ideas, request features!
- I can't think about everything!

Rejected/Impossible Features (Probably will not/never be implemented in the future):

Internet Connectivity
- This application will never use a connection to the Internet. There are no Firewall rules you need to create or bypass for this app to run. That also means it will never check for updates.

Annoy You
- 0 notifications. Ever. You get what you want, nothing more, nothing less. It won't ask for donations, opinions, or to rate it. It's for you.

Questions you may have:
Q: Is this a virus of any kind?
A: No. I HATE malware, spyware, and EVERYTHING of the sort. I do not want to know anything about you, your computer, your family / friends, your connection, or anything else. The fact that virus protection of a sort is necessary for computers to even run is stupid. People should stop abusing the Internet.

Q: Why are you doing this, programming is too hard?
A: You're right, it is too hard. But, I enjoy it, and I like helping people. There's something about being a service to other people I like, that's why I'm doing this.

Please, comment down below and say what you think, I really value your opinion!
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03/23/2018 7:22 pm
Level 1 New Crafter
So, I saw the poll. A little disappointed, but nobody knows me so who cares. I'm making final preparations then the UMH will be posted :)




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