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Upcoming RPG Minecraft server setting! - Seeking input!

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created 06/29/2018 1:17 pm by Zera_Fox
last reply 07/18/2018 8:24 pm
A full-fledge RPG style server is in the works, however we're looking for input from our community on several different starting features.

Let me explain first what our RPG-style server is going to be like before we get into the little details of what we're asking the community.

Unlike most RPG-style servers, we're keeping Vanilla Minecraft's capabilities and most mechanics. Players are not restricted to a linear world, where building and shaping the world is turned-off. We completely allow this system on all Vanilla worlds for the player to continue to enjoy from Minecraft itself. We have no plans to strip away what Minecraft is!
We plan to offer dungeons, quests, races (not classes), unique stats and level-up system.
A custom plugin is nearly completed to allow our own unique system of stats and leveling. With more features planned to be added to our server as time progresses!
With a strict NO-Class system we plan to offer abilities and spells to anyone who wishes to learn and use them. We have no plans to make any restrictions against the player depending on their choices.
This would allow entirely for hybrid's such as "Battle-Mages" or straight forward users who prefer to only deal in Melee or pure Casting.

What are the Races for?
Races are nothing more than determining what your starting stats are. These will effect basic attributes for our custom unique-plugin system (not unlike selecting a classes starting stats) but also offering their own unique passive (some small active) abilities such as Night Vision, Increased Mining Speed, Increased Movement Speed, and more!

What we're looking for from our community:
With the development nearing the end of our custom plugin we are reaching out to our Community to find out what Races people would like to see introduced on our launch!
You can join our community and vote on our release races here.

We're also looking for input based on what our community would like to see in our world.

This can range from feature requests outside of the standard RPG element our custom plugin will offer, to what should and should not be available at our massive Spawn-Town location.

We're also happy to discuss and answer any questions anyone may have on our plans for the system or server in-general as we go.

The more input, questions, concerns or otherwise we have the better the opportunity we have to offering something everyone can enjoy!
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07/18/2018 8:24 pm
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We've got a plugin available for sneak-peak and Alpha-Live-Testing!

Come pay us a visit, speak your mind on it in chat. Even if no one else is online. We'll still see it!

Come say hello, give feedback and help us Break our Brand New plugin in at!

We hope to hear from you soon!




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