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Vanilla Multiplayer Builds??

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created 02/04/2019 1:02 am by Lunaslemonade
So I've recently started playing on this server and they switched from a semi-vanilla server to a pure-vanilla server, which is mainly besides the point..

The thing is there's a decent community of people who really appreciate building and have some sort of skill and are able to build things that are pleasant to the eye and I want the community to get together to build a structure that's large and accepting for new members as a community outpost but i'm not very sure what I should offer. I've talked to a few people who enjoy building and they've said they would help but as I said I don't know what we should build for our community?

Should we start making a mini village for people who are new surrounded by walls for example and overtime start decking out the mini village for the new people who don't have a house yet, or should we go bigger and make something like that but more resourceful.. Not sure but I have been getting some suggestions and I'd like more to pick and choose from. Anyone's input is greatly appreciated!
Thank you.
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