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Yandere High School RolePlay

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created 11/16/2018 12:50 pm by Meloq
                                                  Q 1                                                      

                       Yandere Role-Play

    Hello, I am interested starting an application only Yandere High School RP, similar to Samgladiator's. I have a server running on my pc already so I will not need any donations or anything of sorts; I need players who are dedicated and reliable to be active and participate on the server. We will use Discord to communicate, so if you do not own a mic please don't apply. I will also need a few builders, I will be building as well but it would be nice if I had other builders to help.

    Okay, now onto the applications. I honestly do not care how old you are as long as you are mature and are willing to listen to instructions. Here is the format:

  1. In-game username

  2. Age

  3. Discord username and number

  4. Your role (Builder or create a role such as "restaurant owner or teacher")

  5. Why I should accept you into the server

    I wish the best to you all please reply your formats in this thread sincerely -Melo
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