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Any way to toggle a repeater between uses?

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created 11/21/2018 2:29 pm by Elliander
last reply 11/21/2018 2:44 pm
Hi, I'm working on a secret wall controlled by Redstone. The basic idea is a simple flat wall that opens up. The way I'm doing it is with 4 sticky Pistons and 2 blocks like so:


On top of each other. So the piston in the back pulls the wall out so it looks like a recessed wall. Then the Piston on the right pulls the blocks to the right so you can walk forward and to the left.

I have it working with two levers. You pull one then the other to open and reverse order to close.

Now I want it working with a single lever. I introduced two Redstone repeaters to the circuit that pulls the blocks to the right so it will wait long enough for the blocks to move into position, and that works to open the wall, but it doesn't work to close it because the delay is now on the wrong side.

If there was some way to toggle a delay introduced by a repeater off I could use repeaters on both sides and use a delay back and forth, but is there?

I considered instead using double sticky pistons, but the second piston gets stuck in place and does not retract when right next to another double sticky piston. Additionally, I still need to figure out reversing delays for other mechanisms I'm working on.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

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11/21/2018 2:44 pm
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Something I tried, which I hoped would work but doesn't, is to place redstone on one block and a repeater next to it then a piston on either side. The idea was to push the two blocks back and forth, taking advantage of immovable blocks. The hope was to shift between redstone and repeaters, so the delay is only there every other pass, but redstone breaks when blocks are moved.

Edit: I posted a suggestion to change this behavior, because so many design issues could be solved. But in the meantime I have to find another solution.




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