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A Battle Arena with redstone question

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created 01/02/2016 10:05 pm by ScrooLoose
last reply 01/03/2016 7:01 am
My kids have gotten me into Minecraft and I've been building them tons of redstone items, but now they've tasked me with on that has me stumped.

They want me to create an arena, and using dispensers and a lever or switch, have the dispenser shoot out either 1, 3, or 5 mobs at a time. Well, if I manually load the hoppers, I can already do this. With my redstone circuits, I have a lever that activates 11 dispensers on a pulse system with a comparator. I load 1 mob spawn egg into each hopper, pull the lever, then the kids can fight or die to 11 mobs. Manually loading is the slowdown.

My question is how do I automate the loading of the dispensers? A hopper sorting system comes to mind, but I'm unsure of how to have a button that will send out either 1, 3, or 5 mob eggs to the dispensers. Any ideas, community?
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3 replies

01/03/2016 7:01 am
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Thanks guys! Both great suggestions. I'll play around with these two and see what I can accomplish.
01/03/2016 3:00 am
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NETHERCHICKENSyt summed up what I would say. or, even have /summon (mob) (XYZ) copied into the clip board, and then just spam the command 11 times.

ctrl+v pastes, in case you didn't know how to do that in minecraft.

Again, they might prefer someone advanced's arenas, or even adventure maps to play on. There are a few that are expertly crafted, I will link some now in this spoiler.

Another useless sentence,try out mods. Great fun, and easy to install once you get the jist of it.
01/02/2016 11:08 pm
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Instead of using dispensers I would use command blocks.

To do this you would type /give (username) minecraft:command_block

Place the command blocks where the dispensers are

Then write /summon (Mob Name*) (Coordinates**) in each command block
*Make sure to use a capital for the mob name (eg Skeleton, Zombie, Slime, etc)
**To attain the coordinates press F3 (or fn + F3) then underneath 'MultiplayerChunkCache' will be 'XYZ: number/number/number', stand where you want the mob(s) to spawn and copy the XYZ numbers*** and paste them into the command block where the coordinates go
***You don't need any of the numbers after the dot

The command should look like this: /summon Zombie -153 57 573*
*The numbers should be different though

When the command block receives a redstone signal it should summon the mob

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