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Books for 1.12.2

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created 08/15/2018 4:36 am by EmpathyHeals
last reply 08/21/2018 1:14 am
I used to use book command generators all the time on the Internet, but since upgrading my server to 1.12.2, I can't seem to find ones that work. They either don't allow for changing minecraft client versions, or they do state they are for 1.12.2 but return something like:

Can anyone please help me find a command that will summon me a book which I can give to players and they can click on commands that put them in Gm3, for example?

Thank you!

PS. I tired to post this before but got an error:

Sorry if it re-posts but I'm posting before going to bed. Thanks!
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08/21/2018 1:14 am
Level 37 : Artisan Engineer
Generator? Nah, just check up on this page (minecraft wiki), the data values to be precise. However, be sure that you also set up a title, author and optionally a generation.

And the pages, basically all you need is a text component, and a clickEvent:{}.

/give @p written_book 1 0 {author:"Empathy", title:"The Empathy book",pages:[]}

So here's the important part: you need a list which can consist of string components, (strict) JSON text components (also using raw JSON, see this link) and each of those makes up a page. ... unless you nest the list.

Example: pages:["\"this is page 1!\"","\"this is page2!\""]

But what if you need to make a page which consists of several sections? Well....

Example: pages:["\"This is the start of page 1. To go to page 2 click \",{\"text\":\"here\",\"italic\":true}]","\"this is page 2!\""]

Now to actually add something you can click on, that requires a clickEvent.

pages:["\"This is the start of page 1. To go to page 2 click \",{\"text\":\"here\",\"italic\":true,clickEvent:{\"action\":\"change_page\",\"value\":\"2\"}}]","\"this is page 2!\""]

In this case you change pages, but you can also easily use: run_command as action and then specify the command as value.

Keep in mind though that permissions are a thing here. All a book does is basically run the command(s) on the console. So if the player doesn't have permission(s) to run the command then their book also won't help.

Hope this can help. Meh, perhaps I should hop on to see if this is still a thing 8)
08/15/2018 1:03 pm
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old thread still exists but i'll make go away for you seeing as it was no fault of your own :)
08/15/2018 5:18 am
Level 35 : Artisan Architect

use the book gen not for 1.13 and enter in the run command not too hard
08/15/2018 3:09 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Architect
I went to that page before but how do you use the book gen not for 1.3? I thought settings would allow me to change version but it doesn't.
08/15/2018 6:23 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Architect
once you get to that page click on the "book" tab do not click on the pretty simple lol

theres many tabs you can choose from just click on book lol or do a simple websearch

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