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[UPDATED] Fully Automated Shops / Trade Posts (PC & Console)

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created 01/22/2016 7:50 pm by Hive_Mind
last reply 01/29/2016 4:31 am
In this tutorial I explain how to build two different kinds of 100% automated shops.
These basically allow you to trade with other players while you're offline.
You can also use them for server functions, for example, putting in Gold Nuggets and getting special currency ("Server Coins") out.

EDIT / UPDATE: I also now have this video, which shows how to build accessories / add-ons to the basic Automated Shop.

Please, let me know what you guys think & how you plan on using these designs,
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Level 28 : Expert Engineer

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1 reply

01/29/2016 4:31 am
Level 28 : Expert Engineer
Bump, added another video which could've been a topic on its own, but I figured it was best to have Part 1 and Part 2 together

Let me know what you guys think, and if there are any add-ons to an Automated Shop which I didn't include

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