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Lottery / Jackpot Minigame! (PC or Console)

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created 01/25/2016 6:15 am by Hive_Mind
last reply 01/27/2016 4:08 am
Hello! In this tutorial I show how to build a Lottery / Jackpot Minigame I designed.
In this game, you put in Diamonds and you have a small chance of winning. If you lose, your diamonds are added to the Jackpot. If you win, you win the entire Jackpot, minus the Diamond which you used to play.

It's a pretty simple build and very popular on my server. It could be a great addition to any Economy or other Community server. And you don't have to set it up for Diamonds - you could use the same machine for Emeralds, Gold, or anything else.


What kinds of tutorials do you guys want to see next? I have tons of ideas. Do you want: more Redstone mechanisms, more Redstone basics, more Redstone gambling machines, Redstone traps, or Explosive Traps & Cannons? Let me know and I'll make sure my next video is on what you guys are interested in. And let me know what you think of this Lottery minigame
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