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Medium - Professional Redstoner's | I am looking for you

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created 04/11/2013 6:29 pm by Hydrian
last reply 04/12/2013 6:59 am
Hey guys, Hydrian here again, so pretty much what im making this thread here about, is that im working on a project, a really big project, now im not going to give this information away willingly, that would be horrendously stupid. But what i am going to say, is that i need a few other redstone geeks like my self to give me a hand with this project.

There are certain requirments that you MUST have to be able to help me, they will be listed below

  • Proof of what you can do
  • At least the age of 15 (I have one guy who is younger, but I know he is good, he is the only exception)
  • Your IGN:
  • Skype:

They are the things you MUST have before you are able to join, please dont lie your way in, if you are under the age limit, and you are a Baus, at redstone, PM me, we may be able to make another exception.

I have a server i will be working this on, all of you get Gamemode in the world, no user will be getting staff or any other permissions from the other users.

How the work will be set out:

Look/Design Team : empty (5)
Redstone/Controls : Hydrian - 4 spaces
Beta Testers : Andam0n (2 spaces)

You can apply here:


As i said before, please dont lie your way to get in, if you are under the age limit, and you are a Baus, at redstone, PM me, we may be able to make another exception.
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Level 43 : Master Gent

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04/12/2013 5:20 am
Level 45 : Master Spelunker
IGN: vaxivop
Skype: Vaxivop1
Age: 15
Proof: ... ns-of-fun/ Game I made (will be updated to 1.5 later on)
Timezone: GMT +1.
04/12/2013 6:57 am
Level 43 : Master Gent
As for you vaxivop, your arena, i dont see the point of it, explain a little further, as for you joining, it will be looked into after further digging.
04/12/2013 6:59 am
Level 45 : Master Spelunker
It's like a minigame. I tried to make an unique one. If you read the description, the point is to push enemies behind the different "zones". More explaining in the description.
04/12/2013 4:39 am
Level 51 : Grandmaster Princess
I'm a little too invested to help with building,
But if you have any problems go ahead and ask.
04/12/2013 3:35 am
Level 36 : Artisan Electrician
Proof: This is my most complex redstone creation.
More of my stuff can be found on my profile.
Age: 17
Your IGN: mdugan90
Skype: pm me for it
Timezone: PDT

I am fairly busy so I won't be able to help you all the time, but I'll still put in my best effort when I can.
04/12/2013 6:55 am
Level 43 : Master Gent
Hmm, i like your Compact Piston Seven Segment Display, project. This may come in handy with the dice . Welcome aboard, skype details are cmedia.studios.
04/11/2013 11:15 pm
Level 43 : Master Gent
Well, i can see you have potential, just, im not overly sure, you are good enough for this, but please be sure to look out for my PM.
04/11/2013 6:38 pm
Level 40 : Master Droid
Proof: Just check my profile. I tend to make simple things because viewers tend to like it more. I have a redstone game I've created named MobArchy, too, but I believe it doesn't work well in 1.5.
Age: Because of this, you probably won't except me. I'm 14. I do know how to program, however, and I have been studying computer engineering for the past year. If you don't manage to except me, however, I am willing to make plugins to help the team accelerate their work.
Your IGN: number1_Master
Skype: Private message me for it. Chances are though, you won't.
Timezone: United States Central Standard Time.

It was worth a shot.

By the way, if you want to see more of my redstone creations (I don't want them to be revealed just yet ), you can private message me and I can open up a side server.

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