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Minecraft Missile Factory

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created 01/27/2016 10:30 am by Robobrine
last reply 01/28/2016 9:39 am
It's bigger, it's better and it can build even more and faster Missiles!!

The Cruiser Missile Factory:

Sorry Cubehamster, I just couldn't stop after building the Tomahawk Missile Factory... GL with your Cruiser Factory!

This Missile Factory builds the fast and very explosive Cruiser Missile which explode as soon as they hit some Blocks!

Every Missile is made of:
  • 17 TNT!
  • 9 Slime Blocks
  • 4 Normal and 1 Sticky Pistons
  • 5 Glass Blocks
  • 3 Blocks of Redstone

The factory stores enough blocks to build 6 Missiles before it needs a refill, and it only takes about 20 seconds to build one Missile!

Also, the Factory doesn't use any pre-build parts, it uses Block Storage Systems in order create these complex Missiles!

No Command Blocks or Mods used

There will probably be a world download soon, but there are some 'bugs' I need to fix first, and I also want to increase the Block Storage to hold enough for even more Missiles

I also build a Tomahawk Missile Factory, click here to check it out!
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Level 14 : Journeyman Robot

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2 replies

01/27/2016 11:12 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Network
Super cool I.... I like it too much
01/28/2016 9:39 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Robot
I'm glad you like it
Took me at least 8 hours to build it..

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