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Need help with scoreboard/teams feature!

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created 04/12/2013 6:01 am by MadOliveGaming
last reply 04/12/2013 7:37 am
Ok, so i need some help with something im trying to do with teams and scoreboards.
This is what i want to do:
There are 3 teams. Lets call them team A, B and C. So everybody starts off as a member of team B(i use teams so i can colour nametags and can sepperate people in 3 parts depending on their behavior, people dont have to work together). When you kill a member of team B there will be a point added to a objective called "Murders". When you kill a certain ammount of Team "B" Members you will automatically leave team B and join team A. Now when someone kills a membe rof team A, this will need to add a point to the ovjective called "Kills" and NOT to "Murders". At the other hand, when you are a member of team B, dont have the set ammount of team B member kills to be set to team A AND you have a set ammount of kills on team A members, you will automatically leave team B and join team C. (nearly forgot: killing a team C member also adds a point to your "murders".).
Though a team C member can still become a team A member by killing too many team B or C members. A team A member can not become a team C or team B member at any time and once you left team B you can not rejoin it untill you died and respawn.

I know this sounds difficult and it is.
Now what i wanna know:
How caan i make the game add points to "Murders" when you kill members of team B & C, But make it add points to "Kills" when you kill members op team A?
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04/12/2013 7:37 am
Level 11 : Journeyman Engineer
Thanx dude! really helped. I think i can combine both of your ideas. I can give players a certain ammount of XP whivj they drop on death and make a tesfor that detects if a player gets a certain level of xp. for example:
players usually have nearly 10 xp levels. when they kill a team b or c member this will become more than 10 but less than 20, though team a members have nearly 20 xp levels so on killing one your xp becomes more than 20 but less than 30. a commandblock detects this, adds a point to one of the 2 dummie objectives and resets their xp to nearly 10. This ofcourse unless they reach a set ammount of mureders. in that case their xp will be set to nearly 20.

I think i get it now. thanx a lot!

Oké nvm! this wont work . You see, when you kill someone on distance with a bow they wont pick up xp or items, and i want the map to be compatible for as many people as a server can hold. So option 1 wont work, the cnace op 2 people dieing is too big. But thanx for trying, i appriciate that

Does ANYONE know if i can make the game see the difference between killing people from team A or from team B and C?
04/12/2013 7:04 am
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I have two methods of doing what you described above, although only the first one will work for you as the second requires players from the same team to not be able to kill one another.

You can't just use the scoreboard to detect what team you kill a player from, but you can detect of a player from a team dying and a player getting a kill. Using this knowledge you can make a system that will work as long as 2 people don't die at once.

For this you would probably want 'Kills' and 'Murders' to be dummy objectives and have another kills objective (eg. slaughters) that actually uses the objective kills.
When a player gains a kill they get one point on their 'slaughters' scoreboard. When a player dies they are teleported/spawned on a pressure plate which connects to some testfor command blocks to test what team they are on, or each team has a different spawnpoint.
Then if the command block detects that a player from Team B has died it gives 1 'Murder' point to any player with 1 'slaughter' (any normal player kill) and then it removes the 'slaughter'.
If the command block detects a player from Team A died then it gives one 'kill' point to any player that has 1 'slaughter' and then removes the 'slaughter'.

The following would only work if players can't kill players on the same team.

You can give each team a certain item that they will drop on death. Then constantly test players and try and clear that item from their inventory and if a player has an item that team b drops when they die they they must have killed a player from team b so they get 1 'Murder'. Check out SethBling's UHC box for a system that tests players to see of they have an item.

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