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Question for Redstone Pros

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created 07/21/2018 5:55 am by Com Geek MC Maps
last reply 08/11/2018 12:29 am
Hi, I need help with my adventure map. I'm trying to make a "professional" Zelda-esque type map. And I want mobs to keep respawning in the overworld after I defeat them. Thanks.

Put your ideas down below.
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Com Geek MC Maps
Level 3 : Apprentice Engineer

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3 replies

08/11/2018 12:29 am
Level 39 : Artisan Engineer
(I know it's an old thread)

You could always add a few mob spawners into the world. That would even help with randomizing the mobs placement.
07/21/2018 5:51 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Engineer
I'm a semi pro guy, and what you need is commands, not Redstone. I would tell you how but I will let this guy explain it.

Just put you summon commands after his test for stuff. :)
07/21/2018 9:31 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Engineer
Com Geek MC Maps
Thanks so much man!

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