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Is there any way to do this with redstone?

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created 01/09/2016 9:39 am by Samhopper99
last reply 01/19/2016 4:33 pm
Hello, i just wanted to know what commands I should use on my vanilla server to stop people going out of a certain area without having a golden helmet on, i know it sounds weird, but my servers spawn is a square, and i would like people to take damage every second(doesnt have to be exact) when they are not inside the square, and they are not wearing a golden helmet. Any help would be much appreciated. I dont mind if it takes multiple command blocks on a 1tick clock. Just need a solution. Thanks.
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01/19/2016 4:33 pm
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From Experience i would recommend using harming instead of wither as it is more malleable to soot your needs
01/11/2016 1:53 am
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First, do this command:
/scoreboard objectives add hasHelmet dummy

Use this attached to a 1 tick clock:
/scoreboard players set @a hasHelmet 0
/scoreboard players set @a[x=,y=,z=,dx=,dy=,dz=] hasHelmet 1
/scoreboard players set @a hasHelmet 1 {Inventory:[{Slot:103b,id:minecraft:golden_helmet}]}
/effect @a[score_hasHelmet=0] minecraft:wither 1 0

Make sure the commands are in order.
Change x, y, and z to the lowest (bottom north-west) coordinates of your area, and dx, dy, and dz to the dimensions of your area.

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