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[Solved] @a working strangely 15w46c

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created 10/23/2015 9:00 pm by RageLokiCat
last reply 10/27/2015 1:06 am
/scoreboard players set @a flyon 1 {Inventory:[{Slot:100b,tag:{Tags:[0:"flyboots"]}}]} Leads into /tp @a[score_flying_min=1] ~ ~0.15 ~ Leads into /scoreboard players remove @a[score_flyon_min=1] flying 1

First off, I'm not sure whether this has always happened and I've just never tested it, whether it's a new change, or whether it's a bug. Anyway, so, this code is going off for ALL players when at least one player has a flying > 0. I have one player at 1 point, then a player at -300 points puts their boots on, and every player, even those without their boots on, starts flying, and no one loses flying score. Wut? Why does that happen, and how do I fix?

flyon is a bool for if the players boots are on.
flying is an int that represents fuel.

And when it finds no players with boots on, it runs this: /scoreboard players set @a flyon 0
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Level 18 : Journeyman Pony

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5 replies

10/25/2015 4:12 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Engineer
Cereal, you only posted to confirm what I posted?
Good job...
10/25/2015 1:20 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Network
Bertiecrafterand 15w46c doesn't exist

10/25/2015 12:54 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Engineer
and 15w46c doesn't exist
and the tag should change:

10/25/2015 12:17 pm
Level 28 : Expert Engineer
Part of the problem may be that you are using two objectives to determine whether or not a player should fly, but only have one in the tp command. Try changing it to this:/tp @a[score_flying_min=1,score_flyon_min=1] ~ ~0.15 ~Similarly, the third command should have both objectives as well so that players will not gain negative fuel by keeping the boots on./scoreboard players remove @a[score_flyon_min=1,score_flying_min=1] flying 1

As well, the final command setting flyon to 0 should run every tick, regardless of whether it finds a player with the boots on or not.
10/27/2015 1:06 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Pony
Ah, I see. Thanks!

Bertiecrafterand 15w46c doesn't exist
and the tag should change:


Do you do anything other then follow me around correcting my typos? And if I had wanted it to be display, I would have asked for display.

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