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12w39b Textures Inquiry

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created 09/29/2012 1:09 am by DesuMotoko
last reply 10/13/2012 3:54 am
I have a few questions regarding the additional textures added by 12w39b.

On the items.png, what are the various brown textures under the wooden tools?
On the particles.png, what are the three textures to the right of the heart texture?

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10/08/2012 4:04 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Pixel Puncher
Answering this one since I also had to wonder the same thing a while ago

The stuff in item.png are for the new dyable leather armor. Essentially the regular armor portion is now for stuff that is dyed, and the new icons under the wooden tools are for portions that are not dyed with the rest of the armor. The icons are also 16x16 in their size and it run in the same order as the regular armor parts (helmet, torso, legs, boots).

The new stuff in particles.png has to do with villagers. The particle right next to the heart is the particle when you hit a villager, the one right to that is when you successfully trade with a villager. I still haven't figured out what the angry villager face is for, as it doesn't seem to pop up anywhere.

Hope this helps
10/13/2012 3:54 am
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Ah, thanks a lot! I would have never figured that out otherwise.
10/04/2012 3:13 pm
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Mountaineer

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