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A pack I made using a program: Woolcraft

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created 01/18/2018 1:58 am by ugotopia123
last reply 01/18/2018 8:51 am
So I can't post my texture pack on the main site because it goes against the rules for being created by a program. But I still like the idea of it so I figured I would share it here instead.

So I wrote a program that allows you to recreate images using a palette of colors. So for instance you could have a palette of 4 shades of red, feed the program a picture of a tree, and it'll remake the original image using only those 4 shades of red. I thought it'd be cool to remake Minecraft's textures using only the 16 colors of wool available. And thus Woolcraft was born!

The texture pack isn't made to look pretty, it was made to just see what it would look like. Some things look interesting (stone textures take on a more blue look), some stuff look absolutely hideous (sand makes me barf).

Textures of stone and ore

Here's what a few of the textures look like. I also recorded a video showing off the texture pack a little more as well as the program I used to create the textures.

Here's a link to the video

Here's a link to download the texture pack

Here's a link if you want to mess around with PixelPalette yourself (there's default palettes in the download folder)

And for those of you who want to make sure I'm not giving you a virus, here's a link to the PixelPalette source code

I'd love to hear what you guys think!
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01/18/2018 8:51 am
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Wow, good job ;D




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