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Banner problem? blank paper? heres a possible fix!

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created 07/15/2016 2:16 pm by SophieKitty
(not entirely sure where to post this, hope its ok here)

some of you might already know i work on a texture pack (which im still unsure if i should ever release it to public or not)

and i found out something while working on banners!

Random edited Banner Preview:
Click to reveal

while trying to make this work (and a few other banners) i noticed a bug (or incompatibility) which made the banners totally white, blank

and i found the fix for it already!!

possible solution:

The game might not accept 100s of different colors on banners, even if it looks white-grey-black, it might be too many greyish colors between
im not entirely sure how many colors are acceptable, i played around with the colors a bit and made it work while just reducing the colors in a way (guess every program has that function)
16 colors might already be too much, noticed while trying to set the colors in [Irfan View] to 16 - and it still didnt work
then i reduced the colors in and it worked

solution in picture:
Click to reveal

hope this helps!
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