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Can someone make a texture pack for me?

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created 11/09/2018 8:22 pm by AgentShield233
last reply 11/13/2018 5:39 pm
hey everyone!
AgentShield233 here.
I want to start a new detective series and I can't find out how to make one myself. the series will be in version 1.12.2.
There are different new items I would like.
1. A magnifying glass
2.some block I can put on the ground that looks like footprints.
and anything else that might be used in a detective story.

if you have any suggestions plz reply. thankyou!
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11/13/2018 4:49 pm
Level 15 Journeyman Engineer
You do not need a custom block with a footprint pattern in 1.12.2. There is an unused footprint particle you can summon with /particle (they are temporary though, so you'll need to reset them occasionally). An upside of using a particle instead of a block is that you can place them at different positions within the block without any trouble. I believe this particle was removed in 1.13, so you must use a custom texture (I recommend a custom carpet block) in that version.

Also, have you considered building a detective map or escape room kinda thing instead of just recording videos? It could reach a much larger audience and get more people interested in a possible sequel. It wouldn't be that hard to make the story episodic and release chapters every time. You could copy and paste a "save structure" or something from an older release into a new one to keep your progress with each new release.
11/13/2018 5:39 pm
Level 17 Journeyman Engineer
If I can I'm planning to make a storyline detective story, more than a custom map.
11/13/2018 3:14 pm
Level 32 Artisan Engineer
How about I help you make a resource pack?
First, you need to get a .jar file of the version you want the resource pack to work in. You can find one in the default launcher by clicking "Launch options", clicking the profile you're using, and clicking the "Go to folder" button next to "Game directory". Then go into the "versions" folder, find your version's folder, and go in it. For example, if you're using 1.13.2, the folder is called 1.13.2 and inside are 1.13.2.jar and 1.13.2.json.

Next, you need to extract the files from the .jar file. If you have a third-party file unzipper, like 7-zip, you can just extract the .jar file. If not, rename the file so it ends with .zip instead of .jar, then extract it, then rename it back to ending with .jar.

In your extracted file, delete all files ending with .class.

Now move your extracted file to the resourcepacks folder. You can find the folder in-game by going to "Options", "Resource packs", and "Open resource pack folder". If the extracted file is in the resourcepacks folder, it should show up in the resource pack list. If you haven't changed anything, it should look the same as the default pack.

Now you can edit the textures, models, & sounds in your resource pack.

P. S.: If you couldn't find any help when searching for how to make a texture pack, it's because texture packs were replaced by resource packs in 1.6.
Hope this helps!
11/13/2018 5:37 pm
Level 17 Journeyman Engineer
Yeah Thanks that helps!




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