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Minecraft Texture Pack

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created 07/18/2018 4:53 pm by DarkRose_
Hello, I am looking for someone who can create texture packs. Basically, it can just be an edit of an already created texture pack. I need it to be Fallout related. Like run-down blocks and such. I am also looking for someone who can create 3d models because I will need 3d power armor. Perhaps even a 3d workbench as well. This is pretty much the basics of the project if you are interested I can give more details. I am willing to pay for good work!

This pack will be used in a server that is under construction, however, we can't really build much without the pack The server will be a mix between Fallout 4 and 76. We need a great texture pack as for this server is completely custom and we will need something to wow the crowd. Please reply or message me if you are interested! Thank you

~ Dark Rose
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