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(Not so) Urgent Help

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created 04/15/2019 8:22 pm by BamboozledPasta
last reply 04/16/2019 1:31 am
I am currently working on a resource pack, and decided i want to post it a little early.All it contains is a diamond and iron recolor, but actually uploading is quite hard, here's where you (or someone else) comes in. I would like to ask ask someone if they could post my resource pack, or whatever there is, and take all credit, aside from crediting me. I hope someone will respond. If you're up for it, ways of contacting me are:
Discord: bamboozled pasta #8726
Instagram: eric.gherasim

If you prefer phone number, just ask.
(Also tell your discord/Instagram name before adding?

Thank you and have a nice day!
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Level 1 : New Network

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8 replies

04/15/2019 10:24 pm
Level 20 : Expert Nerd
Why can't you just post upload it yourself? I don't really see the problem, uploading entails dragging and dropping a file... it's not rocket science.
04/16/2019 1:31 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Explorer
:( the UploadFile button is unresponsive.
using Firefox, I was given a Drag&DropOrBrowse option when adding to the Image Gallery. But for the actual texturepack file, the UploadFile button seemed to do nothing. For the image Gallery, I had to scroll up after clicking Add, but scrolling up/down after clicking Upload did not reveal any means of browsing to the zip file. Made me wonder if I had a popupblocker interfering.
After saving the submission and coming back via Edit, the UploadFile button magically worked as expected
04/16/2019 12:13 am
Level 1 : New Network
Dosen't seem to work for me, every time i try to upload my file, it dosen't let me rip
04/16/2019 12:14 am
Level 20 : Expert Nerd
Have you tried using a file mirror?
04/16/2019 12:16 am
Level 1 : New Network
Uh, no. I don't even know what that is, but ill try to look up a tutorial.
04/16/2019 12:35 am
Level 42 : Master Professor
What do you mean by it doesn't let you?
04/16/2019 12:50 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Explorer
I remember having a hard time. There's a point where you have to click Save after Submit (or vice versa) in order to proceed, which isn't intuitive
04/16/2019 1:22 am
Level 20 : Expert Skinner
Don't give out your phone number...

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